Each year the organizer and volunteers of the Brookland Park Community Garden aim to grow and distribute free organic vegetables to some student families of Richmond Community High School as well as neighbors who continue to suffer fresh food insecurities or those on limited fixed incomes. The steering group has been growing seedlings in the greenhouse, hand tilling the fields, and getting ready for planting, but could use your help!

The garden and orchard coordinator, Karen Link, and the Historic Brookland Park Collective president, Willie Hilliard, have launched a GoFundMe to help them achieve their goal of $3,120. This money will be used to fund five cubic yards of compost, 10-15 cubic yards of top soil, a load of mulch, need six (6) 2x4x8s; four (4) 4x4x8s and one large box of exterior screws (3”) flat standard head (not hex). 

They’re also trying to raise funds to purchase supplies to build 4-5 elevated raised beds so that those with limited mobility may also enjoy growing their own veggies. Each elevated bed will stand 3’ high with a bench at one end for those who may tire easily.  The cost of each bed is estimated to be approximately $300.00 each. These beds are considered to be permanent, made up of concrete (not cinder blocks or wood). 

You can also support by reviewing the garden’s Amazon wish list!