The North Barton Heights Civic Association is a a 501(c)4-pending non-profit civic association serving within the Northside neighborhood of Richmond, VA. The Association’s purpose is to promote the best interests of the residents and business owners of the North Barton Heights community, to include enhancing quality of life, preserving the neighborhood’s historic character, supporting public education, promoting safety, and creating social/recreational activities for members. The Association is explicit in its acceptance of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, family status, sexual preference, preferred pronoun, socio-economic status, disability, or age.

Mission Statement

The North Barton Heights Civic Association (NBHCA) represents all residents of North Barton Heights, homeowners, and renters alike. We affirm our intent to embody all residents who are dedicated to supporting and promoting a positive quality of life in our neighborhood by facilitating community inclusiveness, sustainability, awareness, investment, and involvement to promote a safe and vibrant neighborhood. Our primary goals of the NBHCA are to:

  • build interest of residents in the welfare of the neighborhood
  • support the improvement of the neighborhood
  • create awareness of issues that affect all residents of the neighborhood
  • encourage participation of residents in neighborhood gatherings and initiatives
  • represent the neighborhood and its residents in the wider Richmond, VA area.

Association Leadership

Elected bi-annually according to our bylaws, the association leadership plans meetings, grows membership, and represents members within the community and with City of Richmond leadership.

President: Lewis Nelson, president@northbartonheights.org | 3100-block of North Ave
Vice President: Arthur Freeman, vp@northbartonheights.org | 2700-block of Woodrow Ave
Treasurer: Melissa Harl, treasurer@northbartonheights.org | 3100-block of Woodrow Ave
Secretary: Karen Link, secretary@northbartonheights.org | 2900-block Barton Ave

Contact Information

North Barton Heights Civic Assocation
3120 North Ave
Richmond, VA 23222